Ridgemont Project Spotlight - Eagle Honda of Clear Lake

The new Eagle Honda of Clear Lake dealership, located off I-45 and League City Parkway in Clear Lake, TX, was completed in fall of 2018.

The dealership sits on 26 acres and is 47,000 SF in total. The showroom is two levels, with the first one being 15,871 SF of showroom and the 2nd floor consisting of 5,467 SF of administrative office area, training rooms, and conference rooms. The service center is 40,545 SF and the adjacent express center is 4,203 SF. The dealership will also have a 1,200 SF car wash.

The dealership is a tilt-wall structure with a brick facade, painted concrete and an extensive lighting package.

Ridgemont interviewed the Project Team who worked on the Eagle Honda of Clear Lake project, below you can find an inside look into how the project was accomplished.


It rained for two months prior to the start date of the project, including having the project under construction during Hurricane Harvey. There was a total of 80 rain days with the John Eagle project, resulting in a lot of temporary enclosures including a temporary road to transport a transformer to the job site.


The client is happy with the project, and would like to repeat business with Ridgemont!  


We had a few issues with opening sizes for the tilt wall panels. The door size was too big, resulting in purchasing new doors that fit. Moving forward, detailed coordination will be top of mind to eliminate potential errors.

How would you like to thank your team members that worked on this project with you?

“Ray – Thank you for putting up with me onsite in Houston for 7+ months and sharing your job trailer.  I learned a lot being out on the project every day and I owe a lot of that to just observing you and your interactions with all of the different levels of this project’s team members.  You answered all of my questions and really helped facilitate my growth within the construction industry.”

“Greg – Thank you for trusting me to handle a lot more on this project compared to previous ones we’ve worked on together.  While I was on site in the beginning, this job was my main focus, so I got to dig deeper than normal and really apply my construction knowledge.  You gave me more responsibility on this project and I’m a much better APM for it.”

- Jade Erck, Assistant Project Manager


The weather conditions.


“The most fun part of this project was seeing the faces of the clients the day after tilt walls were raised and set. They just couldn’t believe how one day the building wasn’t there and now it’s standing. Not to mention how they were astonished on the constant progress during visits.” - Ray Taylor, Project Superintendent


Clear Lake is an up and coming community. There are a lot of new retail developments in the area, John Eagle adds an attractive appeal to the upscale environment.


Size and scope of the property is larger than other dealers in the area. The high end finishes are unlike a traditional Honda dealership which makes it unique.

Ridgemont Employee Spotlight - Dana Compton, Director of Business Development

Dana is responsible for overseeing client relationships, business development and strategic initiatives for Ridgemont. She is focused on planning and coordinating the implementation of business plans and the penetration of new markets.  Dana thrives on formulating and executing project pursuit strategies, coordinating strong project team members and identifying new business opportunities for Ridgemont.

Dana joined Ridgemont in 2018, and has been instrumental in bringing a wide variety of industry knowledge to the company. Before working at Ridgemont Dana did Business Development and Marketing for other companies in the A/E/C industry.

What are three words that describe Ridgemont?

Fun. Impressive. Solid.

What do you like most about Ridgemont?

It sounds cliché, but I love the culture here. Ridgemont has figured out how to crack the code on doing an incredible job and having a great time doing it. That’s unique, and I’ve never seen it at any other firm.

What has been your favorite / most rewarding project at Ridgemont?

Bob Bolen Public Safety Training Center. Technically, I was on the architectural side of that project, but Ridgemont built it so that counts, right? It was my favorite project, because how often do you get to say that you helped win the largest, most state-of-the-art public safety training center in the world? It also had historic preservation in it, which is my personal favorite project type. It was an incredible project to work on and will always be near the top of my list. Plus, I got to meet Ridgemont on that job, so what a game-changer it turned out to be!

What is on your wish list for the next 5 years for Ridgemont?

I want to continue opening new doors for Ridgemont, so I can meaningfully contribute to the growth of this company. I’m still new, so finding my footing has been my biggest goal lately. Beyond that, I just want to make it rain with projects!

What has been your proudest moment / greatest accomplishment at Ridgemont?

The leaders of Ridgemont place a big emphasis on hiring the right people. My proudest moment at Ridgemont was when I was hired, because it was then that I realized that I was one of the people who they thought would fit well and perpetuate this amazing culture. It was a “Who? Me?! Wow!” moment and I’ll never forget it.

Which core value do you identify with the most? Why?

People. In business development, my role is defined by relationships. Getting to know the right people who will contribute to Ridgemont’s success is exactly what my goal is every day.

Describe how you have been involved with giving back to the community through Ridgemont.

I handed a lot of cans to people at Canstruction in September. I wasn’t remotely involved in the design or the building of our structure, but I drove the Ridgemont truck to the location and I worked pretty hard to get those cans in those hands. You’re welcome, North Texas Food Bank.  

How would you describe the culture at Ridgemont?

Ridgemont truly lives and breathes the idea of maintaining healthy employees - happy, fulfilled and engaged. Ridgemont’s culture is one that understands the importance of its people and their overall professional and personal health. In turn, by taking care of their employees, Ridgemont can ensure that their employees will take care of their responsibilities to the client, every time.

Advice for future employees/ new hires? / Career lessons you’ve learned thus far?  

Keep your word. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. You can’t go wrong with hard work and honesty. And smile, dang it! It will really make your day so much more fantastic.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Literal answer: My 4:30am alarm clock and my two shih tzus tap dancing on the hardwood floor, wanting to go potty and eat some breakfast are what get me out of bed every morning. Believe me, there’s no more sleeping when they get to tap dancing on that floor.

Figurative answer: I believe wholeheartedly that every day is one more opportunity to be happy and keep living a great life. Going to a job that I love is the stuff of dreams for a lot of folks. Coming here and enjoying what I do absolutely gets me up every morning.

How do you define success?

Hustling until you no longer have to introduce yourself when you walk into a room.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leading by example. No one should talk the talk if you don’t walk the walk. Also, being willing to jump in and do whatever it takes to help everyone on your team succeed. There’s no room in good leadership for “that’s not my job.” Sometimes, you’ve got to be flexible to help everyone succeed.

If you could pick up a new skill what would it be?

I’m taking a sewing class in a few weeks that I’m pretty excited about. Get ready to see some (interesting? great? terrible?) Christmas presents from me! Haha

Favorite quote?

I have two at the moment:

“You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.” - Mae West

“Your ego is not your amigo.” - No idea

What is on your bucket list?

I’ve never really traveled. My husband, Jason, and I have all kinds of plans to go to all kinds of cool places.

What are your hobbies / interests?

I play upright bass in a 1940’s swing dance band. I’ve been playing with them for a little more than 20 years and it’s so much fun. At home, Jason and I love to cook together. We also have two adorable shih tzus who are always looking for a snuggle. I’m also learning to golf. That’s going okay – I need to practice more.

What are you currently watching?

I don’t really watch tv. I’m a big reader and I’m usually reading two books at once, typically it’s true crime or a murder mystery, or something that will make me laugh (I try to change it up).

Recently Completed Project: Chapel Crossing, Southlake, TX

Chapel Crossing is a new, Class A, state-of-the-art medical office building on the southwest corner of White Chapel Boulevard and State Hwy 114 in Southlake.  The 3-story building is 51,000 SF in total, but offer’s floor plates of approximately 16,000 square feet.

The development building brings a great option for physicians who have privileges at multiple hospital systems in DFW and don’t want to subject themselves to the restrictions that come with on-campus MOBs.

Tenants are currently preleasing space within the building including Orthopedic, Sports Medicine and Plastic Surgery practices. 

Owner: The Brown Company

Architect: Greenlight Studio

Recently Completed Project: Kessler Park Retail, Dallas, TX

The Kessler Park retail development is located off of Fort Worth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Dallas, TX. The retail center is adjacent to the large scale Kessler Park Development which has a variety of multi family developments surrounding the area. 

The retail center’s buildings are metal framed with cement siding. The exterior features wood toned siding and brick accents for a modern aesthetic. 

A variety of tenants will be moving into the center which is slated to open in fall 2018. 

Owner: Lincoln Properties

Architect: O'Brien Architects 

Recently Completed Project: Healthcare Associates MOB, Irving, TX

The 90,000 SF medical office building for Healthcare Associates located off State Highway 161 and Gateway Drive in Irving is part of the first phase of a new medical office complex which will total 160,000 SF. 

The new medical office complex provides a unique care environment that provides a one-stop shop for imaging, pharmacy, dental, vision and sleep therapy. 

The thoughtful and forward-thinking design of the project allows medical providers to continue to provide exceptional health care in the most efficient and patient-centered manner.

Owner: KDC

Architect: PAGE

Recently Completed Project: Spring Cypress Assisted Living and Memory Care-Cypress, TX.

The Spring Cypress Assisted Living and Memory Care facility is a 64,257 SF, 2 story, structural steel and wood frame facility located off Spring Cypress Road in Cypress, TX. 

Phase 1 of the facility is primarily assisted living units with an attached memory care center. Phase 2 will include independent living and villas/duplexes/single resident homes. 

Amenities include beauty salon, movie theater, bistro, large pond, walking paths, pavilion and gazebo outside. 

Owner: Medcore Partners & TNRG

Architect: DFD Architects 

Recently Completed Project: Main Marketplace & Flix Brewhouse

Main Marketplace is located off F.M. 423, one of the highest trafficked arteries running over 21 miles north to south throughout the DFW Metroplex. Anchored by Flix Brewhouse movie theater, Main Marketplace is an 18 acre mixed use development in the heart of booming Little Elm, TX.

Ridgemont constructed 45,026 SF of retail shell buildings for the development which has unique design elements including western red cedar wood work along with smooth stucco finishes.

Owner: Goveia Real Estate

Architects: Hodges & Associates & JKRP Architects



Recently Completed Project: Fort Worth North Service Center, Fort Worth, TX

The two phase Fort Worth North Service Center project consists of civil and utilities infrastructure work, Citizens Drop- Off Station, Code Department offices, Stormwater offices, Service Center and materials storage building, fueling station, and materials laydown areas. The Service Center includes a fueling system for all City vehicles, car wash bays, vehicle maintenance bays for both cars and large trucks, and houses the shops for all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing needs for the City’s buildings. The vehicle maintenance facilities required special considerations for liquid containment, paint storage as well as paint booths that require specialty ventilation.

The fueling system components include underground storage tanks, automatic tank gauges, fleet pumps and fueling controls and required heavy fire protection systems and environmental protections to be put in place regarding the underground storage of fuel.

The facility includes the following components:

  • Truck Wash-Out
  • Laydown Area
  • Covered Storage
  • Weigh Station
  • Wash Equipment
  • Fuel Station
  • Generator / Transformer
  • Controlled Access
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Light Vehicles
  • Administrative Building
  • Parking

Owner: City of Fort Worth

Architect: Quorum Architects




Recently Completed Project: Oak Meadows Marketplace, Georgetown, TX

Located on the SW Corner of Jim Hogg Road and Williams Drive, Oak Meadows Marketplace is a grocery-anchored complex, encompassing 77,050 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Randalls Food and Drug will be the anchoring grocery tenant with 57,655 square feet of space. 

A variety of stores have already signed leases for the retail spaces including: Renken Dentistry, Organic Nails & Spa, Great Clips for Hair, and Natural Pawz. 

Owner: Cypress Equities

Architect: Heights Venture Architects

Recently Completed Project: Waxahachie Nissan

Located off Bypass 287 and Patrick Road in Waxahachie, TX the Waxahachie Nissan dealership is a 30,852 SF new, ground up Nissan dealership for the area.

The project includes a new showroom, service center and car wash area. Finishes throughout the building include raynobond aluminum composite panels used on the façade of the sales building to provide a metallic appearance and a ribbed metal panel system was utilized on the service building. Glass finishes are consistent throughout the dealership. 

Owner: RML Automotive Holdings

Architect: Black, Corley, Owens + Hughes


Recently Completed Project: Market Street, Frisco, TX

Ridgemont recently finished work on the 62,000 SF Market Street grocery store in Frisco, TX. The store which recently opened on the corner of Legacy Drive and Lebanon Road in Frisco features a beautiful interior finish out.

Some of the highlights inside the store are a beer and wine bar in the center of the store branded on the outside of the building as Taphouse 16 is also staffed for barista coffee service and smoothies. The area has seating for 94 people and customers can leave the area with their wine glass to shop. 

The new Frisco store has made-to-order Asian rice bowls and pho, a prepared food section, fresh meat and seafood counters and its curbside online grocery shopping service, which launched last year under the brand Streetside. Be sure go to check out this beautiful new store!

Owner: United Supermarkets 

Architect: Raymond Harris & Associates

Recently Completed Project: Boardwalk Ferrari Remodel, Plano, TX

Ridgemont originally built the Boardwalk Ferrari Maserati Dealership and was recently brought back in for a remodel. 

The extensive remodel encompasses the new company branding, interior design elements, 30,000 sf parking, outdoor display, additional 2 bay service drop off. The high-end finishes include custom built in display fixtures from Italy, two custom Barrisol light wall graphics which are the largest ever installed in a Ferrari dealership, large format Italian porcelain stoneware tile, full glass offices, complete light fixture and controls overhaul with Italian iGuzzini light fixtures. 

Owner: Ferrari of Dallas

Architect: Gensler Architects