Damon Norman , Director of Office and Industrial Services

Damon Norman, Director of Office and Industrial Services

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Damon Norman

Director of Office and industrial services

Damon brings over thirty years of experience in the construction industry leading teams of construction professionals from project conception to completion on multi-million dollar projects. His career has been built on a strong foundation in construction project management, with practical and creative insights into projects of all types and sizes. Our clients benefit from his well-versed understanding of industry trends, best practices and the quality relationships with the local subcontracting community.

Damon manages all aspects of preconstruction, estimating, project management, strategic planning, business development, client relations, and information systems for our office and industrial services.


Oklahoma State University, B.S. of Construction Management

Getting to know Damon..

What is your role in creating complete client confidence?
To interact and support those working with me to ensure that Ridgemont’s core values align with our clients expectations ensuring that the project team can deliver on its promises with the highest of quality and integrity. 

What is it about Ridgemont’s culture that is so unique?

The culture that is bred, cultivated and supported here at Ridgemont is centered around supporting every individual as a family member and encouraging positive reinforcement both personally and professionally every day. This attitude becomes contagious and extends well beyond our direct employees to our clients and other team members creating an environment that ensures long lasting relationships that extend well beyond our everyday interactions. 

How do you contribute to Ridgemont’s culture?

My responsibility is the promote an environment among my co-workers that supports the Ridgemont culture as a servant leader.

Why do you think Ridgemont is a great place to work?

The culture and core values of this company provides a workplace environment that enables individuals to thrive personally and contribute in many ways to a common goal of personal, corporate and client well being. Corporate facilities, programs and initiatives support physical and mental health and encourage a balance of individuality, family time and work.

Describe one of your proudest moments at work.

My first week at Ridgemont I was instrumental in helping successfully engage in construction of its first mid-rise office. This monumental moment has helped spur an era of growth and achievement for a thriving, maturing company and has launch Ridgemont into greater areas of recognition among it peers. 

What put you on this career path?

I chose in high school to follow in the footstep of my father who I admire in so many ways for the decisions he made in his work, family, and worship balance. He showed me what hard work was how family and worship intertwine and guided me in the best way he could with the career he chose and loved. He supported me in a college degree following that path, an opportunity he never had, and encouraged me with solid advice throughout my career enabling me to achieve the success I enjoy today. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

I enjoy the challenge of engaging with a team of individuals to work through the complexity of our business. The satisfaction of knowing that my hard work and perseverance has culminated in a tangible product that myself and my clients can be proud of. 

How do you want your Clients to feel when they work with you?

I want them to feel confident, and at ease, knowing that I have their project and their expectations at the forefront of my everyday efforts. And, that I expect our experiences to guide the way to a long term relationship well beyond our current endeavor.

What is your favorite type of construction project?

Office and Data Center type projects with a degree of technical and construction complexity.

What are the most common challenges you see in projects?

The human element is always the most challenging part of any project. Whether that is manpower availability, challenging personalities or challenging expectations at all levels of the project team. Looking for common ground, common goals and common understanding of each persons abilities and limitations is key to resolving any issue.

What do you do in your spare time?

As a dad of 3 beautiful young girls that are active in sports and socially if find myself being the ultimate UBER driver, soccer/basketball cheerleader and counselor along with my gorgeous wife of 16 yrs. As a family we enjoy camping, boating on Lake Texoma, and the occasional trip somewhere exotic. I enjoy hunting and fishing in my spare time and hope to bring a least one of my girls into the sport at some point for some daddy/daughter bonding time.