Wes Grant, Director of Preconstruction Services

Wes Grant, Director of Preconstruction Services

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Wes Grant

Director of Preconstruction services

Wes Grant brings over ten years of estimating and preconstruction experience to the Ridgemont team. Wes has performed in a number of capacities including project estimator, preconstruction manager and senior preconstruction manager.

Wes joined Ridgemont in 2017 and has demonstrated the ability to provide leadership in the Preconstruction Department through cost effective construction budgets for multi-million dollar projects. Wes is responsible for driving efficiency and productivity through the final evaluation of financial performance.

Wes’ role also includes value engineering, schedule planning, strategic planning and coordination with the Architect as well as internal Project Team members throughout the preconstruction process.


Texas A&M University, B.S. in Biomedical Science, Minor in Business Administration

Getting to know Wes...

What is your role in creating complete client confidence?
Understanding expectations up front, as well as consistently communicating a realistic approach.

What is it about Ridgemont’s culture that is so unique?

The focus is on the people and employees here at Ridgemont.  From the planned yearly retreats to the spontaneous cookouts at noon on a weekday, it is one big work family.  We are client-centered, but everyone understands that you must focus on your own people in order to ensure they will take care of their roles and responsibilities.

How do you contribute to Ridgemont’s culture?

By fostering a department where people support each other and enjoy themselves.

Why do you think Ridgemont is a great place to work?

There are many facets to why this is such a great place to work.  It’s the passion Ridgemont has for its people, their work and their clients.  It’s the trust and flexibility given to the employees, and the confidence everyone has regarding the leadership here.

Describe one of your proudest moments at work.

I remember struggling greatly with my last company transition.  My wife and I spent many strenuous nights going back and forth on which direction made the most sense for us.  Now I can say with the utmost confidence that every new day that I come to work here is a reminder that this was the perfect choice.  Every day that I get to work with the people here brings me a new since of pride and sense of accomplishment.

What put you on this career path?

Creating and building has always been a passion of mine.  I owe most, if not all, of where I am to my family.  It wasn’t always the plan for me to be in this industry, but to those who know me best, I think it’s of little surprise that this is where I ended up.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Creating something from nothing.  My favorite part about this industry is that we get to see a piece of dirt transition to a lasting structure.

How do you want your Clients to feel when they work with you?

Complete client confidence – these are not just words, this is our brand promise.  I want our clients to feel complete confidence when they work with us.  Knowing that there will always be challenges, I want them to choose us because they are confident that having us as a part of the team will bring the highest percentage of success for each and every project.

What is your favorite type of construction project?

Design-build for any type of construction project is my favorite delivery method.  It forces you to think about and analyze all aspects of the project and allows us to really shine by proving our worth as a team-member.

What are the most common challenges you see in projects?

Communication.  This is not isolated to our industry.  Every person sees the world through their own eyes and therefore has a unique perspective.  If we are not consistently and effectively communicating with each other, we are merely gambling on success instead of striving for it.

What do you do in your spare time?

Family and friends – these are what my wife and I’s lives revolve around.  Also, in order to reset and relax, we travel as much as possible.