Jason Lillard, President

Jason Lillard, President

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Jason Lillard

President / Principal

As President of Ridgemont, Jason is responsible for creating a vision and establishing the direction of our company. Jason owns the strategic planning process which is primarily focused on diversification and differentiation. He is responsible for developing, coaching and mentoring the Executive Management Team enabling it to be the best in the industry. Jason fosters an environment that supports the Ridgemont culture and sets expectations for performance. 

Jason has a passion for continuous improvement and innovation, partnering with the Executive Management Team to optimize the overall potential of the company. He is a very client-focused President and spends a considerable amount of time with our valued clients and other industry partners. 

Since joining Ridgemont in 1999 as a Vice President, he has been an integral part of the company's evolution. His extensive knowledge of clients, markets, industry standards and best construction practices benefit our clientele and attribute to Ridgemont's success.


University of North Texas, B.S. in Construction Technology & Business Management

Getting to know Jason...

What is your role in creating complete client confidence?  

My philosophy is that if our people enjoy where they work, then their attitude and commitment to our clients will be exhibited on our projects, thereby creating client confidence in our people and the company as a whole. 

What is it about Ridgemont’s culture that is so unique?

From the time you walk in the door, you know that we are a different kind of construction company……we pride ourselves on our people being ambitious and forthright with a passion for construction.  We all work together and are willing to get in the trenches with each other to make it happen for our clients! 

How do you contribute to Ridgemont’s culture? 

I am the head coach and facilitator…..our culture is what defines Ridgemont!

Why do you think Ridgemont is a great place to work?

We have great people that genuinely care for each other and we take care of the people who take care of Ridgemont.

Describe one of your proudest moments at work. 

When an employee tells me they love working at Ridgemont!

What put you on this career path? 

As a kid during the summer, I tagged along with the local carpenter in the small town where I grew up.  I probably drove him crazy, but my career path was set in motion at an early age.

What is your favorite part about your job?   

Seeing a finished product that started with a piece of dirt.

How do you want your Clients to feel when they work with you? 

Confident and Happy!

What is your favorite type of construction project?

Fast track, design-build or design-assist projects. 

What are the most common challenges you see in projects?

Budgets, schedule and establishing expectations. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Spend time with my family, a little golfing and lots of time on the beach!