Joey Johnson ,Vice President of Business Development/Principal

Joey Johnson,Vice President of Business Development/Principal

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Joey Johnson

Vice President of Business Development / pRINCIPAL

Joey is responsible for overseeing client relationships, business development and strategic initiatives for Ridgemont. He is focused on delivering exceptional service by understanding our existing and potential client's needs and assessing how Ridgemont can bring value to their organization. Joey excels at providing consistent and accurate communication with clients and ensures they are aligned with the Ridgemont resources they need to accomplish their goals. 

Joey joined Ridgemont as a Project Manager in 2005, and has been instrumental in the progression of the company. He assumed the role as Director of Retail Services beginning in February of 2013 and was promoted to Vice President of Business Development and Principal at Ridgemont in 2016.


Texas Tech University, B.E. in Construction Engineering Technologies

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Getting to know Joey...

What is your role in creating complete client confidence?

The key to earning our clients confidence is making sure that we understand the expectations of each and every client and ensuring that our project team exceeds those expectations.

What is it about Ridgemont’s culture that is so unique?

To me, culture boils down to how you treat people. I believe that our industry far too often looks at the here and now and doesn't pay enough attention to the long term. At Ridgemont, our culture promotes the basic idea to treat people fairly and honestly. It sounds simple but if this truly becomes part of a company’s DNA you set yourself up for developing meaningful long term relationships with clients, consultants and subcontractors.

How do you contribute to Ridgemont’s culture?

My responsibility is to lead by example and truly live our culture each and every day.  

Why do you think Ridgemont is a great place to work?

In one word, I would say fulfillment. Typically people come to work to earn a paycheck, but truly great companies give their employees something else to look forward to. We pride ourselves on our positive work environment and want every person to look forward coming to work each day and enjoy the people that they work with. 

Describe one of your proudest moments at work.

My proudest moment was when Ridgemont was named one of the Top Places to Work in Dallas/Fort Worth by the Dallas Morning News. Since companies are selected based off of employee feedback and comments, it really goes to show how amazing the culture at Ridgemont is. I love being able to come to work at a place both myself and my fellow co-workers value. 

What put you on this career path?

I remember standing in the engineering key at Texas Tech and trying to decide which specialty to choose- electrical, mechanical, petroleum or construction technology. All I knew at that time was that I did not want to be stuck behind a desk every day. It seemed obvious that construction engineering would allow me the flexibility of working in the office and out in the field. That was the basis of my decision but the market also played a large part. I grew up in Midland, Texas and at that time everyone was being laid off from the oil companies. I had personally witnessed the ups and downs of an oil driven micro-economy and did not want the instability. Funny how things work out, the petroleum engineering guys are probably laughing at me from their Yachts in the Caribbean right now!

What is your favorite part about your job?

I am a people person, I love meeting new clients and developing those lasting relationships. I also enjoy solving problems and working with project teams to overcome obstacles that will ultimately result in delivering great service to our clients.

How do you want your Clients to feel when they work with you?

Confident, knowing that we have the experience and expertise to complete their projects with the utmost quality and that we have their best interest in mind throughout the life of the project.

What are the most common challenges you see in projects?

Trying to control the uncontrollable. Material lead times and labor shortages are very difficult to predict and plan for in today's construction environment. We have developed a very proactive approach to solving this issue and have a great strategy to stay ahead of the curve. 

What do you do in your spare time?

I am officially a “foodie”. My wife and I enjoy trying out new restaurants and cooking on the greatest grilling invention of our generation (the Big Green Egg!). I try to burn off all those calories by golfing and chasing my kids around.