Paul Camp , VIce President of Operations/Principal

Paul Camp, VIce President of Operations/Principal

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Paul Camp

Vice President of Operations / Principal

As Vice President of Operations, Paul is responsible for having a vision and providing direction for all aspects of operations within the company. Operative aspects include the people, processes, procedures, tools and technology, that support our strategic plan, allowing the company to run efficiently and ensuring successful projects for our clients. Paul is constantly thinking about operational structure and how to develop our people to be the best in the industry regarding their own skill sets, abilities to work with each other and most importantly service our clients.

Paul is an integral part of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, training and developing Ridgemont personnel. He has been instrumental in directly impacting our competitive advantage, team proficiency and providing successful value based solutions throughout the construction process.

Paul oversees and provides executive level leadership to each of Ridgemont's projects with a focus on results and speed of implementation. He continually measures progress and adjusts processes accordingly to ensure operational excellence and the overall success of the company. 


University of North Texas, B.S. in Construction Technology & Business Management

Getting to know Paul...

What is your role in creating complete client confidence?

I help ensure the success of projects from the negotiating and bidding process through the warranty period. 

What is it about Ridgemont’s culture that is so unique? 

We are a company comprised of self-motivated individuals. While we do have certain processes and procedures, we do not let them shape the direction or culture of the company.  We empower our people to achieve personal fulfillment through their career success.

Why do you think Ridgemont is a great place to work?

We not only help our employees with their career path, we push them to develop as a person. 

What is your favorite part about your job? 

The people I get to work with. We have assembled a great team of leaders and I am proud to be a part of this team. 

How do you want your Clients to feel when they work with you? 

“At ease”/relaxed/comfortable knowing that we have their best interests in mind and we will assist them in reaching their goals.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with my family and raise/train/show reining horses.