Brand Promise

 Complete Client Confidence

We believe that Complete Client Confidence is the exception not the rule in our industry.  Building relationships with lasting value is a two way street.  The old way of thinking is for the owner to keep construction companies at arm’s length and limit the exchange of information when selecting a construction company for a project.  We think this is a flawed process that creates problems for the owner.   

A Brand Promise is not a marketing slogan, logo, tag-line or a web site.  A Brand Promise is a strategic differentiator that is the single most important variable in building value for the owner and the entire project team.   At Ridgemont Commercial Construction our promise to you is Complete Client Confidence.  We are determined to deliver this promise on every project and we focus on always developing our company with it as a beacon.    

The Brand Promise has to generate specific benefits for the owner.  We have an interactive process in which we engage with our owners to help determine what would constitute an enjoyable construction experience.  This process allows us to create the experience but just as important deliver a very powerful set of specific benefits to our owners.