Let our brand make your brand look good. 

Our strength is the ability to assist our retail clients and developer partners specifically based on their unique scope of work at any point in the process. We are retail industry experts and have the experience to prove it. Ridgemont understands that each and every project is critical to the success of our clients and requires a partner that recognizes the intricacies of each facility type and the key factors that are required to make them successful.   

Ridgemont's retail services include:

  • Preparation of Pro Forma Development Budgets
  • Preliminary Site Development Budgets
  • Review Tenant Criteria Requirements
  • Initial Site Visit and Evaluations
  • Develop Tenant Prototype Budgets
  • Identify “Tenant Traps”
  • Review Letters of Intent
  • Review Lease Documents
  • Identify Tenant Delivery Dates and Notifications
  • Evaluation of Existing Conditions
  • Municipal And Utility Requirements
  • Evaluate Revisions To Tenant Prototype Documents